Ms. Radha Tiwari

Ms. Radha is a native speaker from Gujarat. She is born and brought up in Vadodara, Gujarat. She has done a Master’s Degree with Gujarati and English language. She also has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She is a Montessori trained teacher and taught for 3 years in a renowned Kids Campus International Pre-school. She has worked as a teacher- coordinator for 7 years. She had been a Principal of one of the Gujarat Board Schools – Shree Hanumant High School Talgajarda for 5 years.

She is conversant in Gujarati, Hindi and English language.

Mr. Harsh Bhatt

Mr. Harsh is well versed in Gujarati and Sanskrit language. He has completed Master’s Degree with Sanskrit and Gujarati language. He has also done a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. He has been a teacher by profession for 10 years. He has taught Gujarati and Sanskrit to Secondary and Higher Secondary level students. He has been schooled in a GURUKUL pattern school and learned to perform Yagnas, rites and rituals from Hindu Vedic Shastra. He is a professional astrologer. He has completed a Certificate Course – Karma-kand Bhushan from Vadodara – Gujarat.